All We Knit is Love

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lama Tenzin and the children of Himalayan Mountains

Our second donation to Himalayan Kids CED Orphanage has arrived in India.  Lama Tenzin stopped by in New York City and brought our knitted items from Iceland and USA to the Himalayas.  In May, he walked 21 days up into the Dolpo Regoin of Nepal with the kids of CED House to visit the childrens' family and friends in their native villages.  Lama has made a documentary about his treks to the Dolpo and it's called "Walking the Waking Journey: An Epic Voyage to Awaken Humanity and Open a Door to the Future".

Lama Tenzin Chogyal in New York City

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We're back in action!

Dear friends,

It's been awhile since I sent out my last All We Knit is Love blog. This doesn't mean that my knitting team and I haven't been busy with our knitting or crochet projects, oh no! :-)

We sent a big box of knitted items to Mongolia last year and I want to thank our wonderful team from the US and Iceland for their warmth and love in action. Understand that every little item that you create, makes a difference. Nothing is too small for All We Knit is Love efforts!

This winter my aunts and cousins from Akranes, Iceland, started their own knitting project. They have knitted hats, scarves, socks and mittens (see pictures above of knitted items by Svana, Magga and Helga) and we are now planning to find a stragedy to send these items to Nepal.  My amazing aunts and cousins are:

Margét Jónsdóttir
Svana Jónsdóttir (pictured)
Helga Margrét Arnardóttir (pictured)
Anna Arnardóttir
Halldóra Hafdís Arnardóttir

Thank you so much for your wonderful gifts!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Journey to North India and More

It wasn't exactly simple and easy to get the knitted and crocheted items to the Himalayan Kids in North India, but Lama Tenzin, the founder of Himalayan Kids, has confirmed that all the items have arrived to the orphanage.

Often the greatest challenge about charities like this one, is actually how to get the items to the right place. To send packages to remote places of the world can be risky; things get lost easily, even stolen. Of course the best way to get your items to the right place is to have someone carry them for you.

Our focus these days is to knit for children in Nepal. We are working on creating a connection with people that travel to Nepal. An owner of an European Cashmere wool company in Nepal has offered to help us out to deliver the items to the orphanage there.

We want to thank for the knitted items we received from Sandra Madsen and Jennifer Howd. It's great to have you a part of the All We Knit is Love team.

We plan to meet again the third week of April. We'll send you an invitation once we've decided the date.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Knitting/Crochet Gathering in October

'All We Knit is Love' had a knitting/crochet gathering on Saturday, October 20th. This time we were knitting for The Children’s Home in Nepal. Our goal is to send a package to Nepal after Christmas. It was good to see old members again and we were happy to welcome new knitters to the group. Everybody can join 'All We Knit is Love', and if you don't know how to knit or crochet, we will teach for free!

'All We Knit is Love's next Knit-In is scheduled for November 24th at 2 o’clock (location TBD), so please put the date into your calendar. We will be knitting for charity, but this will also be an opportunity to come together and knit holiday gifts for family and friends as well. Soon, you'll be receiving an invite containing all the details. Please feel free to invite friends.

Thank you to all the knitters who joined us last Saturday. We look forward to knitting together again soon in our ever expanding circle of friends making a difference through the loving gift of hand-knitted clothing.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gifts from Coney Island and Florida

We received a magnificent hat, scarf and mittens from Johanna Bibbins in Coney Island. Above you can see a photo of her daughter, Jasmine, wearing all the knitted items that Johanna made. We also received beautiful hats and scarves from Fran Spaid in Florida. All this items will be sent to Children's Home in Nepal. All We Knit is Love wants to thank both Johanna and Fran for their great contributions!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Yarn Donation from Atlanta, Georgia

We received a big box full of yarn all the way from Atlanta Georgia. The donator is Mark Mangione, a native of Atlanta. Thank you so much Mark!

Atlanta by Night

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Yarn Donation from New York and Knitted Gifts from Iceland

Happy New Year to you all!

We continue receiving gifts and are very excited and grateful for that. We have also received many e-mails from people who want to participate, both individuals and groups. Our committment is to grow AWKL into a self-sustaining charity supported by the knitters who participate all around the world.

The first thank you goes out to Joanne Ungar of New York City who donated two large bags of beautiful yarn , which is plenty for many hats, scarves and mittens. Aafia Chaudhry, Lulu Yee and Arndis D Arnardottir who all live in New York City as well, have been busy knitting for us. We want to thank them for the gorgeous, colorful hats and scarves they´ve knitted for us.

We've received many gifts from Iceland. Icelanders have always been prolific knitters and in the past, knitting was for centuries an important trade. Today knitting is more of a hobby but still important enough, that children continue to be taught the craft at school. To read more about the history of Icelandic knitting, please visit:
Here are the gifts we received from Iceland this Christmas:

Helga Margret Arnardottir contributed 4 Icelandic sweaters. These lovingly knitted sweaters were made by her friend Margret Jona Sigurdardottir, who passed away last year. She was known for being a very supportive and caring human being.

Ragnhildur Theodorsdottir knitted more 4 hats and few pairs of socks, and Gudmunda Hallgrimsdottir sewed 2 hats. We welcome sewed, woven and crocheted items as well. The most important thing is that you have created the gift. All handcrafted items are appreciated in all the orphanages we're supporting.

Above you see pictures of two beautiful sisters, their names are Agla and Oddny. Their mother, Alma Ragnarsdottir and their aunt Gudrun Ragnarsdottir knitted these two beautiful hats and scarves. We look forward to sending these photos to the children that will actually receive these gifts. Participants are encouraged to send us pictures taken while they're knitting or of someone wearing the items they created.

Thank you Joanne, Aafia, Lulu, Arndis, Helga, Margret, Ragnhildur, Gudmunda, Alma and Gudrun. We can promise you that your gifts will make a difference!